my life is a typo

my cat has been biting my cheeks lately

she sits on my face and bites

i look at her and show her my face is sad

i say 'look, my face is sad and it's all your fault'

she makes a face like 'oh'

i told my friend about my cat

she said 'your life is pretty much a bestseller'

i thought 'life is shit'

then i realized that most bestsellers are shit

she was right

will you pay me for living?

i'm a bestseller

From 'yesterday i was talking to myself...'
by Ellen Kennedy

I really like Ellen Kennedy's poetry, plus you can read it for free! Its part of a collection at, it is "collections of poetry and short fiction, and is free for everyone."
thats free love right there, genius.
if you're too lazy to find Ellen on the site here's the link;

yesterday I was talking to myself...

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