My fascination/disgust with twitter continues, I really like this piece, but then any guerilla art above '...was ere' usually gets my approval.

I do not own the image nor am I resposible for it's genuis, please don't sue me.
The artist is called questionmarc, based out of Nottingham UK it would appear, he's got better pictures of this and his other work in his website here.

my life is a typo

my cat has been biting my cheeks lately

she sits on my face and bites

i look at her and show her my face is sad

i say 'look, my face is sad and it's all your fault'

she makes a face like 'oh'

i told my friend about my cat

she said 'your life is pretty much a bestseller'

i thought 'life is shit'

then i realized that most bestsellers are shit

she was right

will you pay me for living?

i'm a bestseller

From 'yesterday i was talking to myself...'
by Ellen Kennedy

I really like Ellen Kennedy's poetry, plus you can read it for free! Its part of a collection at, it is "collections of poetry and short fiction, and is free for everyone."
thats free love right there, genius.
if you're too lazy to find Ellen on the site here's the link;

yesterday I was talking to myself...

I'm a big fan of the graphics on skate decks, when i used to skate totally bought my board based on the image underneath, which is why I love this auction, 50 unique decks by 50 different artists are up for sale in support of an action sports mentoring project at;

I think these two are amazing but check out the others.

by Aubey Stanlnaker (to her website) the design is made with balloons!

by Vanessa Miller (having a hard time finding her website)
There is so much amazing music being released within the next month, just as people get rid of the debt they accumulated at christmas and as the sun comes out, intrieging.
(check out basement jaxx - raindrops, clavin harris - stay up for the weekend, the new maccabees album...)

Particularly hot at chosing new music are '...and you will know know us by the trail of dead' over here in the UK they have Middle Class Rut supporting their tour, but even better Funeral Party supported them over in the US, around destroying stages at SXSW. this is the type of music, in my mind, no age, the rapture and DFA would have produced where they piled into the same studio, on top from. glorious.

leaked music

I am refusing to get a twitter account purely for luddite reasons, i'm sure i'll get over it soon and spew my life onto the internet every 30 seconds.
But there is a twitter that tells you when an upcoming album leaks which is pretty depressing or informing depending on your veiw(s) on downloading i guess.

did it leak?

go subscribe!

autotune IS the pop industry

This is what happened when someone put a baby crying through Auto-Tune, the instrumemt that is mainly used to 'improve' music by correcting a singer's pitch, and every now and again Cher or T-Pain or Kanye tries to sing into it and decides it's actually a really a big effects machine.
pointless post really