rain and notes

The bankholiday is a wash-out, it's almost official. Easter appears to have become like a mini-christmas, all the being pent up inside with bad weather and the same films on television just without the mulled wine.
have some music to listen to in the background;

Fang Island - Fang Island
it's a wonderful affair, including samples of fireworks, and although the guitar parts sometimes go the wrong side of the definition of hair-metal it's totally worth it. And if you so happen to be in the US, they are touring with the middle east, woop!
The whole album is avalible to stream straight off their website

I gave it away as a free love on my radio show and I'm still listening to it, Young Jesus's debut ep
is avaliable from their website and not half bad

Death to the Throne has a vast array of remixes on his myspace, and they are all pretty good, the remix of the XX's shelter stands out, it says a lot about the band's universal appeal that they can get taken up by so many different remixes and still sound wicked, (note nosaj thing's remix)
he also has a Noah and the Whale re-mix to download for free, safe yo.

As tipped by Charlie Lodder the new Angus and Julia Stone album rocks, and they are about to tour the UK yo, go get tickets!

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