best musical artist at latitide

Who was the best band I saw at latitude?
not that i got to see much music given I was telling people which bin to put their rubbish in for most of it but;
it's a tie

Thom Yorke - although i only caught the end of his set, i heard most of it from across the lake and he played everything in it's right place .'nuff said.

65daysofstatic, it was something like the 9th time I've seen them, they are yet to disappoint, played a lot of stuff off their soon to be released album, which sounds spectacular.

Kuran and the wolfnotes who are unsigned but I totally hit up on my radio show in march, don't let the rough demo's put you off, better by the minute and four limbs were both time stoppers, they were pretty confident on stage but showed at times the potential to own it, i think by the time the album hits our hands they will be an unstoppable force, or they will collapse under the weight of the hype that has been growing around them from pretty much the start of the year. wooo!

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